New Line pic

New Line

Bold, innovative, youthful, or in other words, “new line”. The members of our latest style family are new-generation products with clean, ungilded decorations and a fresh appearance, designed for practical use. The New Line collections are heralding the new era of Hollóháza porcelain. They are ideal choices for everyday and, combined with festive accessories, special occasions.
Asanoha pic Asanoha
Dynamic, modern, pure.
Flóra pic Flóra
Modernity and natural values.
Marrakesh pic Marrakesh
White elegance.
No.100 - Blue pic No.100 - Blue
Adaptation of a classic shape into the New Line style of Hollóháza porcelain.
No.608 - Kékfestő (Blue dye) pic No.608 - Kékfestő (Blue dye)
Turning traditions into trends.
No.994.1 - Demeter green pic No.994.1 - Demeter green
A “new wave” porcelain in green.
No.994.2 - Demeter blue pic No.994.2 - Demeter blue
A “new wave” porcelain in blue.
No.994.3 - Demeter, burgundy pic No.994.3 - Demeter, burgundy
A “new wave” porcelain in burgundy.
Riviera pic Riviera
More than just a vase.
Stars pic Stars
Shines on everything.
Zen pic Zen
Simplicity and harmony.

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