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Factory, brand name and style – this is Hollóháza porcelain, which, due to its centuries-old past and its renewable present, as well as its special quality and timeless artisanal products, has become a concept of value. This is manifested by the Hollóháza trademark, which has been present on every single one of our products since 1870. Our trademark is therefore not merely a designation of origin, but our faith, philosophy and roots compressed into one emblem.

The history of pottery in Hollóháza begins far in the past. We have been producing beautiful creations here since 1777, sometimes from glass, sometimes from ceramics, and sometimes from the noblest material of all, porcelain. 245 years is a long time – and a lot has changed during the ages: the technology, the trends in style, the demands, and, of course, history. This diversity is reflected in the evolution of Hollóháza trademarks, which you can see for yourself. It is easy to follow how hour trademark went from functionalist simplicity to symbols embodying the spirit of Hollóháza, before returning to our roots again in the 21st century. When designing our new trademark logo, it was clear to us which direction to follow, as we are proud that being one of Hungary’s oldest, continuously operating factories, nature and our past still determine our present and future.

Traditionally, each period has had its own trademark, which is why it is possible to identify exactly which object was made in which period.

Porcelain is nature itself, made of earth, i.e. kaolin, feldspar, quartz and of course water, fired in a fire that requires air. And from which human creativity creates harmony.

All natural materials, all naturalness.

The freshness of the Hollóháza Porcelain Manufactory is the result of the stream water in an environment that is perhaps unique in the world.

The age of naturalness - in every home

When designing our current brand, which will be valid from 2021, we looked to our traditions.

We found it. In natural materials.

We went all the way back to 1831, when we started making everyday stoneware for the general public. We found our own hand-carved wooden letters, which cannot be copied because they are unique. Just like all the objects our women and men take in their hands when they make them. At least three hundred times.

And we have found the colour green, which has also long been part of our tradition.

We have our own green. After much experimentation, many opinions.

And we have not forgotten the number 1777, the year of our foundation, which today makes us one of the ten oldest factories in Hungary.

These are our roots. And roots strong enough to grow a tree that can be compared to a 244-year-old tree. One that is admirable, and alive, and provides shade.

Such is our new trademark, our new porcelain, our new ceramics.

Our message to our Customers, Friends and Partners is that we are brave, strong and renewing, and with their trust we are looking forward to a beautiful and successful era.

An era of naturalness.

Our current trademark, which will mark all our new items from 1 January 2021:

From 2023 onwards, we have introduced additional logos, which will appear on each item according to the 4 style families of Hollóházi Porcelán, Classic, Exclusive, New Line, Home. Thus, from this year onwards, we have gradually introduced the use of the emblems according to the style families on new porcelain production:



New Line:



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Classic pic Classic
Colurful design, traditional pattern, perfect harmony.
Exclusive pic Exclusive
The perfect art of porcelain.
New Line pic New Line
Bold, innovative, youthful, or in other words, “new line”.
Home pic Home
Home sweet home! – adorned with porcelain.

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