Classic pic


Ornate design, traditional patterns, perfect colour harmony. The epitome of classic elegance. Porcelain that never goes out of fashion and is a must-have in every stylish home. The traditional porcelain sets of the Classic family turn everyday life into holidays, and holidays into experiences.
Corinth pic Corinth
Modern and practical.
Erika pic Erika
Everybody loves it!
Érosz pic Érosz
Love in porcelain.
Éva pic Éva
The ultimate Christmas collection.
Fairy tales pic Fairy tales
A truly fabulous porcelain!
Four Seasons pic Four Seasons
Pure nature.
Golden vineyard pic Golden vineyard
The treasures of Zemplén – in one collection.
Hajnalka pic Hajnalka
Fun and laughter.
Henriett pic Henriett
Gentle and feminine.
Hortenzia pic Hortenzia
Pure romance.
Klara pic Klara
The jewel of the home.
Ladies pic Ladies
Romantic atmosphere.
Lavender pic Lavender
You can almost smell it!
Linaria, bourdain pic Linaria, bourdain
Burgundy coloured harmony.
Linaria, green pic Linaria, green
Green harmony.
Moonlight pic Moonlight
Elegant and decent.
Mulberry pic Mulberry
Blue joy.
No.022-Eden pic No.022-Eden
Abundance and wealth.
No.881 - Lion pic No.881 - Lion
Burgundy and black.
No.939 - Fruits pic No.939 - Fruits
Delightful colours – appetizing fruits.
No.948 - Blueberry pic No.948 - Blueberry
Classic shapes infused by art deco elements.
No.960 - Arrabona pic No.960 - Arrabona
Effortless elegance.
Noémi pic Noémi
The “beauty” of Hollóháza.
Panni pic Panni
Polka dot and loveable.
Pannonia Arrabona pic Pannonia Arrabona
Pure elegance.
Peacock pic Peacock
Colourful magic.
Sunshine pic Sunshine
Elegáns és decens.
Venetian carneval pic Venetian carneval
A carnival of colours.

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Directly from the Manufactory

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Packaged with care

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