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According to Chinese mythology, the Dragon brings prosperity to the world. Explore now the dragons of the Hollóháza Porcelain Manufactory, originally designed by Béla Bükki

Hollóháza porcelain and HA bags

The HA and Orovica Fashion collection bears the pattern of Hollóháza Porcelain's Petra collection as embroidered decoration. Photos were taken at Hollóháza Porcelain Manufactory and at the Royal Castle of Gödöllő.

No.100 - Blue

Adaptation of a classic shape into the New Line style of Hollóháza porcelain.

No.608 - Kékfestő (Blue dye)

Turning traditions into trends.

No.948 - Blueberry

The Blueberry collection is characterized by grand dimensions, clean shapes and colours, which took shape in the spirit of striving for harmony. With its blue tones and delicately elegant motifs we recommend using it on everyday occasions as well.

Picnic á la Hollóháza

Everything you need for a romantic summer picnic in one basket.


On Friday, 1st September at 18:00, the exhibition Száz Szász: Endre Szász and the Hollóházi ceramics will open - and will be on view until 28th September - showcasing the versatile and creative art of Endre Szász through one hundred unique Hollóházi

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