Porcelain for the living room

No.844 - János vitéz

Article number: 7881340028010
26 cm
110 000 Ft
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A kétszáz éve született Petőfi Sándor 1844-ben írta máig népszerű és örök érvényű elbeszélő költeményét. A Petőfi200 emlékév tiszteletére döntöttünk úgy, hogy visszahozzuk korábbi, daliás huszárunkat a Hollóházi porcelán figurái közé. 


Name of designer: Veress Miklós

Product features

Article number
Washable in dishwasher
Microwave safe
0.64 kg
Handmade porcelain with natural ingredients
In Hungary, using water of the Nyíri stream in Hollóháza and natural minerals.

About the Porcelain for the living room collection

The living room is the centre of social life and relaxation, the key and style-defining space of the home. This is where we receive our guests, where we rest after work, where the family gets together in the weekend. Therefore, we pay special attention to its interior design and furnishing in order to shape it comfortable, cozy, friendly and lovable at the same time. But if we want to make it unique, harmonious and customized to our taste, we need carefully selected accessories. Ornaments of the Hollóháza Porcelain Manufactory and home decorations of its Home style family – statuettes, lamps, vases, bowls, bonbonnieres – turn the apartment into a home.

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