To give a gift is sheer joy. To pick a gift is hard work. The Hollóháza Porcelain Manufactory helps you to find the most beautiful gift. If you are thinking of a hand-crafted, high quality and durable present, you are sure to find what you are looking for among the collections of Hollóháza porcelain. In addition to our modern and classic, decorated and simple, colourful and black and white sets, suitable for regular events as well as special occasions, ornaments, home décor, and bathroom and kitchen accessories are at your disposal, and what’s more, we are happy to realize unique ideas as well. We have something for all age groups, from the children to the elderly, and for the enthusiasts of any style, which can bring them real joy.

Surprise your loved ones with Hollóháza porcelain! Because Hollóháza porcelain is more than just a present. It is love wrapped in brilliance.



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Princess - Jug
54 000 Ft
Antoinette - Jug
54 000 Ft
Elisabeth - Jug
54 000 Ft
Caroline - Jug
54 000 Ft
Princess - Sugar bowl
25 000 Ft
Antoinette - Sugar bowl
25 000 Ft
Elisabeth - Sugar bowl
25 000 Ft
Caroline - Sugar bowl
25 000 Ft
Princess - Creamer
15 000 Ft
Antoinette - Creamer
23 000 Ft
Elisabeth - Creamer
23 000 Ft
Caroline - Creamer
23 000 Ft

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Directly from the Manufactory

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Packaged with care

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Hungarian cultural heritage

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