Petőfi200 – János Vitéz from porcelain

Petőfi200 – János Vitéz from porcelain kép

“The blistering sun in the midsummer sky
Beats down on the shepherd boy from on high.
No need for the sun to be blazing above,
Inside him, the shepherd is burning with love.”


Everyone in Hungary knows these lines, we immediately recognize them as the picturesque beginning of the story of “János Vitéz” (John the Valiant). Born two hundred years ago, Sándor Petőfi wrote this still popular and timeless epic poem in 1844. In honour of the Petőfi200 commemorative year, we decided to bring back our former valiant hussar among the figurines of Hollóháza porcelain. The statuettes have been cast and are currently being painted and polished by careful hands in the workshop so that János can shine in his most glorious colours.


The statuette offers some interesting items of trivia. Our employees came across an old, original piece completely by accident in Verona, Italy. When they noticed the Hungarian hussar in the stairwell of a hotel, they immediately became suspicious. So they asked the concierge if they could have a closer look of the porcelain to find out about its origins. And on the base of the statuette they found none other than the 1831 Hollóháza trademark. The hotel promptly placed our hussar in a prominent position to give a chance to as many people as possible to admire it. The gallant soldier of Sándor Petőfi came to our minds first even though it was once known as another literary character, János Háry. We thought it was important for us to remember Sándor Petőfi, so we re-christened our porcelain hussar after János Vitéz – also paying tribute to one of our greatest poets. This is how “Johnny’s career” started over again.


"Johnny Grain o' Corn is my honest name;
It sounds a bit rustic, but I feel no shame."

 Johnny Grain o' Corn made this modest response,
Then the King spoke out plainly to pronounce:

"I christen you otherwise; from this day on,
Let the name you are known by, be Valiant John."


Style: The porcelain statuette No.844 entitled János Vitéz is part of the Exclusive style. 

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