Nimród - The Hungarian forest immersed in gold.

Nimród - The Hungarian forest immersed in gold. kép

Our Nimrod collection was created on the occasion of the “One with nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition in 2021. Our tableware collection featuring 12 big and small game native to Hungary is complemented by forest plant motifs. The green stripe, associated with nature and hunting, between two golden bands makes the snow-white porcelain utterly unforgettable. All of the pieces are hand-gilded with 21 carat gold, which is why the Nimrod set belongs to the finest category of Hollóháza, the Exclusive family. The collection was designed by wildlife painter and graphic artist Zoltán Boros, and his vision was transferred to the porcelain figures with the help of Sándor Fűzéri, lead graphic artist of the Hollóháza Porcelain Manufactory. The elegant and tasteful set is ideal for admirers of hunting and forest themes, and for everyone who has a special relationship with nature.

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