Dear Potential Outsourcing Partner,

The Hungarian Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. is currently offering its spare production activity for potential partners, mainly for hand casted products.

The Porcelain Factory in Hollóháza – operated by Hungarian Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. - is one of the few Hungarian factories with a historical tradition since 1777. This little manufactory employs 110 people and it is situated in the North-East Hungary.

Technology, production of raw materials and the quality of products comply with the German hard porcelain production based on feldspar. Technology of the production process is the following: machine moulding, hand casting and high pressure casting.

During the production of casted porcelain we use the following machines:

1, Production of hand casted products:
-Casting carousels: For production of vases, bonboniers, soup bowls, sauce boats, pots, sugar bowls, beer mugs and flasks.

2, Casting by machine:
Dorst „DGM 80” high pressure casting machine: For production of oval plates, sandwich plates, cake plates, bowls and onboard dishes for airline companies.

White porcelain products are fired in Grün chamber kilns at a temperature from 950 oC up to 1360 oC. Decoration of the qualitative, semi-finished products is done by hand painting, hand gilding and with decals. Decorated items are fired at a temperature from 820 oC up to 1250 oC.

As a reference we would like to mention the following porcelain manufactories for which we have delivered products in the recent 20 years: Mitterteich, Kahla, Kaiser, Rosenthal, Höchst and Hutchenreuter, Gmunden Keramik Kft. (stoneware)

If you are interested in outsourcing any part of your porcelain production, we are happy to establish a new relationship with you.
In this way we kindly draw your attention to our free production capacity of 150 to 200 tons for white ware or decorated porcelain items.
According to our experience our competitive advantage lies in the production of labor-intensive casted and hand decorated products.

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. Please, ask a quotation from us and compare it with your production cost.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

József Pálfi
Managing Director

  Contact person: Katalin Tamásné Hornyák / sales manager

Magyar Porcelánmanufaktúra Kft.
Károlyi str. 11.

Mob: +36 20 545 6898
email: hornyak.katalin@porcelanmanufaktura.hu
web: www.hollohazi.hu